Blog bonus puzzle 1
By Mr Magoo

A puzzle for readers of the Times for the Times blog. Mr Magoo says that this and his other bonus puzzle were written in response to challenges I made to setters in the old single-handed version of the blog. In this case, I can tell you that I think the challenge was something about high numbers of 15-letter answers or minimizing the extra black squares added to the standard grid lattice with answers in odd rows and columns. This grid uses just four extra black squares.



1 Shakespeare's using one's own material to make assistant be full? (4-11)
9 Express precisely what digital surgeon attempts? (3,4,6,2)
10 Traditional invitation of fair fag? (4-2)
11 Foolish typo penned by idiotoic censor omitting round characters (ciphers) (8)
13 Clubman disheartened to have tea filling whole pipe (10)
14 Bamber Gascoigne's inner musician (4)
16 Party mentioned twice by one who kissed the girls (4)
17 Most slight actress working to secure extraordinary win (10)
19 Post something fragile like this posthaste (2,1,5)
20 Covered up, unlike the Windmill Theatre in wartime? (6)
22 During recording, I put name into floppy that cannot be corrected (15)
23 Pets, and not people, who have volunteered? (7,8)


1 Laying on extra punishment (15)
2 Lacking in intelligent ground, islander is dismissed as parochial person (6,9)
3 Tabloid broke increase in solar power (8)
4 America enthralled by extremely butch President (4)
5 Briefly, Alan turing's excited by right kind of number (10)
6 Script I rolled up to conceal inside of page (6)
7 Queen leaves her water upside-down, starting off wise and blameless? (15)
8 Wisdom saw head after summer holiday (4-11)
12 Cool cop stops kings being weepy? (5,5)
15 Joke about river not out to revolt (3-5)
18 Discharges company about to become a failure (6)
21 Down clue rrequiring another note to begin with (4)

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