Blog bonus puzzle 2
By Mr Magoo

A puzzle for readers of the Times for the Times blog. Mr Magoo says that this and his other bonus puzzle were written in response to challenges I made to setters in the old single-handed version of the blog. In this case, you'll have to guess what the challenge might have been about. I will say that one clue makes a reference that blog readers should understand, and that one of the Times crossword house rules is broken.



1 Author taking refuge in Acton? (4,6)
6 Novel with work by 23 (4)
10 Second old woman, not married (5)
11 Can Julia set out with shoe? (9)
12 Writer's mixed metaphors (3,6)
13 Can he inspire love and devotion originally? (5)
14 What would be distinct, with a minimal initial key-change, is indistinct (5)
16 Flower that's purple and gold, I bear it in distress (9)
19 What may happen if your wife has a 13 that applies to everything? (3,4,2)
21 Writer brought home by a supporter (5)
22 Setter loses heart to very experienced solver (5)
23 Author writes about Jock's own ball (4,5)
25 Hesitant relative hasn't left time to be slightly delayed in train (9)
26 Hopeless case, eventual suicide one left to disappear (5)
27 Weaken work of 12 (4)
28 Writer being devil by holding something on his head (4,6)


1 Breakdown of reason could give work by 28? (5,1,3)
2 Human being resorted to book (5)
3 Frankfurter maybe sounds like fast food (7)
4 Scold Hawkeye's mate entering where we admit people? (9)
5 Trump lead with diamonds, perhaps, now and again (5)
7 I cure this sick method of teaching people how to learn things (9)
8 This might be used for suit modified with loss of ace and king (5)
9 Affected the result of Ajax's double-cross? (6)
15 Briefly furnish lyric of doubtful meaning (9)
17 Chess champion on TV in pieces, one captured by black king (9)
18 Gas replaced with energy supplied by 1 ac (5,4)
20 Total absence of English required to make this dawn of a Euro era (6)
21 Sailor breaks bachelor party up in one-piece suit (7)
22 With this one attached to brave civil rights leader would get protesting (5)
23 I take a security device, say, like the Thief of Baghdad? (5)
24 Material names divided by binary characters (5)

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