An Arts Crossword - for PB
A puzzle by Roy Dean

This puzzle was sent to me as a light-hearted challenge by Roy Dean. Roy was the winner of the first Times Crossword Championship in 1970, and also won in 1979, when the championship took place during a strike by Times print workers. In the last few years, Roy has joined the Times setting team. Roy wrote to me when I got a letter onto the Times letters page, giving the paper a hard time about holding a trendy SuDoku championship but not reviving the crossword one. Roy gets a weekly 'digest' of my crossword blog and quite often sends me puzzles he's had published elsewhere, or lets me know how he got on with the week's puzzles. After Roy jokingly complained about me finishing one of his puzzles in 5:45, I told him which areas of knowledge cause me trouble when solving Times puzzles. He selected one and produced the puzzle below. Some of the clues have been edited since I solved it, but my time for essentially the same puzzle was 7:55 - Roy was a bit too gentle with me, not least in choosing Painting and Names of obscure authors rather than difficult literary references or gardening terms, and also in throwing in a fair number of easy answers.




1 What models do suited Titian wonderfully! (12)
9 Sculptor makes old actor measure the Circle (9)
10 "See me enter", says Jones (5)
11 Involved in game noted for plenty of variety (6)
12 Musician - one specialising in nocturnes (8)
13 Group of artists offering lessons? (6)
15 Standard support, say, for timber fence (8)
18 British and Roman coins merged in ferrous sulphate (8)
19 Made an elaborate wreath (6)
21 Poet needing to change quarters is looking around (8)
23 Man of the theatre taking care of minor (6)
26 Posed wearing silk material (5)
27 Artist producing study with rural building (9)
28 Chemical to reduce tension uses saturation factor (7,5)


1 Gainsborough's Mr & Mrs (7)
2 Fashion girl's shown round works of art (5)
3 Tribal symbol, not a thing to be carried in to church (5,4)
4 Painter's laid off (4)
5 "The Peony" - creation of a beginner (8)
6 Painting installed in ship gets tarnished (5)
7 Sick one captured by stern painter noted for minimalism (8)
8 A Warhol icon, disturbed no more (6)
14 Sculptor well aware of value (8)
16 Prince Albert led international academy groups (8)
17 Carts bed to meet panelling of room (8)
18 Artist changing outmoded measurements at last (6)
20 Centre admits partners in several states (7)
22 Playwright heard to celebrate (5)
24 Walk slowly - as thriller writer did? (5)
25 A French negative is unknown! (4)

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