Biddlecombes alive before 1700

This page lists the earliest Biddlecombes we know about. For the moment, this means those alive before 1700.

Name Dates Remarks
Galopin de Bitelescumbe Alive in 1180 Source: A dictionary of British Surnames, PH Reaney & RM Wilson, OUP 1958. As this book lists Domesday records for some surnames, we surmise there were no Biddlecombes wealthy or importnt enough to be listed then (1086). It's possible that this man or one of his ancestors was a Norman given some lands in England just after the conquest - Galopin seems a French name.
Robert de Bylecombe Alive 1333 The booklet on the Stourton Caundle 1977 Church Clock project says he's mentioned in the Lay Subsidy Rolls of 1333, as liable for tithes in the parish. He may be an ancestor of the Biddlecombes known to have lived there in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Richard Biddelcome Alive 1576 Source: A dictionary of British Surnames, PH Reaney & RM Wilson, OUP 1958. This name appears in the Subsidy Rolls for Wiltshire.
Thomas Biddlecombe c. 1555 - 1638 Source - History of Dorset by the Rev Hutchins, as reported in private correspondence. The arms in St Peter's Stourton Caundle, now associated with the John Biddlecombe who made the church clock and died in 1741, are reported as having been given to Thomas Biddlecombe. The memorial inscription quoted by Hutchins was not visible in the church in 1998.
Richard Biddlecombe Born c. 1622 The earliest emigrating Biddlecombe we know about. Shown on the passenger list of the Confidence, a ship which sailed from Southampton in 1638, presumably to a colony in North America.
John Biddlecombe Died 1741 Probable maker of the Church clock at Stourton Caundle.

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