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I didn't intend to get much into genealogy when I started this page, but that's starting to change. I've had interesting information from quite a few people who have done genealogical research or are thinking of doing so. Here is what some of them have to say. Where I still have their address, the first mention of each person's name should rouse your e-mail program if you want to contact them. Newest entries are at the top.

Mary Beth & Al Biddlecomb have traced Al's line back to the Isle of Wight, using gravestones and church records to find: Al's grandfather Bertie Percival Biddlecombe married. Alice Kate Robbins of Winterbourne Houghton, Dorset in 1900; and they moved to the U. S. with their oldest three children in 1905, and Bert dropped the "e" off the name. They went first to North Dakota, but quickly moved to Gladstone, Delta Co., Michigan. They had, all told, eleven children, but only six lived. His wife Alice Kate Robbins died after childbirth in 1921. He then married a widow with two children, but they had no children together. Alice Kate is buried in Gladstone. She had many Robbins relatives in northern Michigan and Joyce relatives in Canada. Bert & second wife moved to El Monte, California, after all the children were grown. Bert is buried in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., California. Bert had one sister, and there were brothers, possibly a banker and one in the royal navy. In 1933 his mother was living in Portswood.
Alan Harris reports that he has traced the name Biddlecombe (his wife's maiden name) back to Symondsbury , near Bridport, in west Dorset in about 1720.
Jim Biddlecom in Florida passed on a family story, "[...] no doubt apocryphal, that my grandfather told me many years ago. He mentioned that when his parents came to the United States his surname was spelled B-i-d-d-l-e-c-o-m-b-e. Apparently he was a very naughty boy in grammar school one day and had to write his name on the chalkboard many times. The thought of that daunting task convinced him that the "b" and the "e" were expendable."
Bob Biddlecome in New York has traced his own family back 6 generations to Vermont in about 1740. He also sent the information about the coat of arms.
Fred Biddlecombe in British Columbia, says:

I have traced my family back to a John Samuel Biddlecombe born about 1830 in the area of Salisbury (Downton?) who married Mary MacDonald March 25, 1850 in the Parish Curch, West Hackney, Middlesex, London. The marriage document indicates that John's father was a Thomas Biddlecombe, but no further information is available. John had a brother Charles baptized 1837 and a sister Mary baptized 1837 (I have no information on these two other than their names and baptism). Unfortunately, I have been unable to obtain confirmation of John's birthdate or baptism records so have been unable to move any further back.

John & Mary had 9 children as follows: John born 1851, Edwin born 1854, George born 1856, Alice born 1860, Louisa born 1862, Alexander born 1865, William born 1867, Ellen born 1870 and Kate born 1874. If any of your readers can help I would appreciate recieving their E-mail.

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