Solution to
A thematic Cryptic by Biddle

Solutions to Across clues give the partnership, with the clued word in italics, followed by an explanation, and the category or categories into which the answer fell.


1 GOAT and COMPASSES - 2 meanings of 'goat'. Pub Name
6 DAPHNIS and CHLOE - Daphn(e) = laurel, is. Mythical characters, musical work.
9 SALT and VINEGAR - 2 meanings. Food and drink flavour.
10 HENGIST and HORSA - steed = horse. Mythical characters - apologies for the fact that not all sources refer to them as giants.
11 ROUGH and READY - part of 'thorough'. Phrase
12 VLADIMIR and ESTRAGON - the two tramps in Waiting for Godot, which had been done recently at the National Theatre when the puzzle appeared. V=5, then DIM inside LAIR. Theatrical characters
15 HIGHBURY and ISLINGTON - theatrical meaning of 'angel'. London location.
17 KNUR and SPELL - reversal of end of 'tree-trunk'. Game.
20 ROYAL and ANCIENT - ANC, i.e., NT. Sporting Club
21 TROILUS and CRESSIDA. anagram of 'rust' and 'oil'. Theatrical characters, theatrical work.
23 ELEPHANT and CASTLE - Cast iron, Le. Pub Name, London location.
25 HENGIST and HORSA. Eng. inside Hist. Mythical characters & the partnership which appears in full.
27 TRISTAN and ISOLDE - I, sold, E. Mythical characters, Musical work.
29 DANDELION and BURDOCK. Anagram of 'Donne laid'. Food and drink flavour.
30 DEATH and THE MAIDEN - ide (fish) inside 'the man'. Musical work.
31 PELLEAS and MELISANDE - Elle inside 'pas'. Mythical and theatrical characters, musical/theatrical work.


1 CAVORT - 'Cav and Pag' is short for the double bill of Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci, and an ort is a food scrap.
2 MENDACITY - Mend a city.
3 ANGRY - G.R. inside 'any'.
4 SPRY - SPY outside R.
5 SOH - S = square, O = old, H=Henry
6 CONTRASTS - anagram
7 LYING - 2 meanings
8 ENTANGLE - anagram of angel, ten.
13 STYLES - 2 meanings
14 TUSCAN - Sca in 'tun'
16 HALF HITCH - LF (low frequency),H in 'aitch' after H.
18 EIDERDOWN - anagram of 'wired node'
19 ORIENTED - nothing in Arabic (numerals) = 0, & in French = RIEN, 50s lout = Ted.
22 TACKLE, as in 'block and tackle' or 'rugby tackle'.
25 HORUS - anagram of SOH and Ur.
26 ABEL - A bel, the first three people being Adam, Eve, Cain
28 NIM - 2 meanings

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